’20-’21 – Multifunctional Stream Table

School: Kalispell Middle School


Amount Funded

Grant Description:

KMS works hard to create a learning environment that is meaningful and challenging for each and every student. The multifunctional stream table will impact students by creating a space that offers specialized and diversified instruction. The table will be used mainly for instructional purposes in the science classroom. One of the many benefits of a stream table is demonstrating erosion and deposition in a real life scenario that students can connect their background knowledge to. This hands-on learning method will assist students in comprehanding scenarios where they have seen erosion and deposition in their environment. Student acquisition of knowledge is always more successful when kinesthetic, visual and auditory learning methods are integrated into a lesson, and the stream table will accomplish this goal that also aligns with KMS’s mission statement.

*Please note that Mr. Wilson will be constructing the stream table himself. Check back for photo updates of his progress!

Teacher Testimonials:

Teacher: Jakeb Wilson - Grade: 6

"The long term reach of this project is one of its benefits; the stream table will be used for many years and in several capacities each school year. "