’20-’21 – Cameras Capture Student Voices

School: Peterson Elementary


Amount Funded

Grant Description:

Cameras Capture Student Voices will provide students with digital cameras to express themselves through photography and create engaging videos for our school community. Students will be responsible for photographing activities for the yearbook, newsletter, etc. They will also film the school weekly news and create videos for special projects. The students who participate must collaborate with their peers and staff members and are actively engaged in their own learning while teaching each other. The project will extend student learning beyond the classroom by providing younger students with an additional avenue to express themselves and their learning. The goals of the project also align with the Montana Content Standards for Technology.

Teacher Testimonials:

Teacher: Carrie Smith - Grade: 3-5

"The students at Peterson come to technology class hungry to learn new skills, get creative, and have fun! Our school has a positive, caring environment where teachers, support personnel, and parents work together to promote respectful, responsible, lifelong learners. My students are learning to be confident, comfortable, and adaptable in their use of technology. These traits will help them take advantage of learning opportunities so readily available in our digital world. "