’20-’21 – Ascent Program

School: Glacier High School


Amount Funded

Grant Description:

The Ascent program is a Glacier High School course that addresses adolescent struggles. The focus of the course is on growth through maturity. This is accomplished through daily instructional time, individual sessions, family engagement, academic support, teacher collaboration, experiential activities and community involvement projects. Students in Ascent are taught to instill empathy and responsibility in the context of healthy relationships.

Teacher Testimonials:

Teacher: Nicholas Ferronato, Sandy Lorenc, Lance Labrum, Chris Weaks - Grade: 10-12

"The Ascent program at Glacier High School has been an absolute must have. It serves those at-risk students that data has shown would most likely have dropped out without this program. The Ascent program not only serves those at-risk students but is reaching out to the general population to serve the schoolwide needs. Kids at GHS need this program. "