’20-’21 – Algae Alive!

School: Glacier High School


Amount Funded

Grant Description:

Algae Alive provides students with inquiry-based lab experiences in the classroom or at home. Students will design experiments with algae balls and self sustaining algae ecosystems. The rigour of the science classroom can be maintained even if school closes or students are quarantined as they design, implement, collect data, and analyze results.

Teacher Testimonials:

Teacher: David Lillard - Grade: Biology and AP Biology

"When students are missing lab time due to school closure or quarantine, they are missing a depth of learning involving experimentation and data collection that is difficult to recreate. This project is extended beyond the classroom because students will be running these experiments at home. One great aspect of this is that siblings and parents will be exposed to the project, which encourages the student to explain the methods, purpose, and results of the project. "