’19-’20 – iPads for Innovative and Inclusive Instruction

School: Edgerton


Amount Funded

Grant Description:

Technology is best used in the classroom when it is used intentionally. The iPad will be used to access programs like Seesaw, which allows students to post their work in a type of online portfolio, and share it with their parents at home. Parents can stay updated on what their child is learning in the middle of the day, and students can take pride in their learning and showcase it on a safe digital platform. It will also be used to connect to an Apple TV that was recently donated to this classroom. Ms. Fusaro will be able to move around the room, write on the iPad, which, through the Apple TV, shows up on the Smartboard. This allows her to be more mobile, which can be especially helpful if she has a student exhibiting disruptive behaviors. She can walk over to the student, create proximity, and engage them positively, without having to call them out from across the room, all the while continuing to teach. This will also allow her to hand the device to students and have them work something out from their seat and have it displayed on the board. This can be very helpful for more introverted students, who are more comfortable working from the familiarity of their own seat.

Teacher Testimonials:

Teacher: Halle Fusaro - Grade: 1