’19-’20 – Hands on Ukuleles

School: Hedges, Edgerton, Elrod, Rankin, Russell, Peterson


Amount Funded

Grant Description:

This grant will help every 5th grader in School District 5 learn kinesthetically – connecting the mental to the physical by hands-on mastery of a stringed instrument. Through coordination, District 5’s elementary music teachers will put learning in the hands of students – literally. They will all have the experience playing high quality ukuleles and have their own instrument to play during general music classes throughout the school year.

Ukuleles are the only string instruments that are offered at the elementary level, and because ukuleles are easy to play, the students feel immediate success. Students develop fine and gross motor skills, read notation and learn music from a variety of eras and cultures.

Teacher Testimonials:

Teacher: Julie Stone, Amanda Sienknecht, Zack Maurer, Heidi Holmquist, Paul Lovett, Mike Casey - Grade: 5th