’19-’20 – FHS Chromebook Craze

School: Flathead High School


Amount Funded

Grant Description:

This grant customizes and enchances our students learning in the dynamic health field. Instead of merely reading about health concepts, students will have the ability to research and apply current information about physical, social, and emotional health on a daily basis. We currently have 60-90 students in the classroom during any given class of the day sharing 12 chromebooks. It is very difficult to share the current technology we have without excluding some students. Often students who have cellular devices will use them as well, but this can create distractions and a separation of students who do not have cellular devices. With a classroom set of chrombooks, unity and equality is created among the students. Many of our students with needs also need to type and not write. We can provide these options more easily with a classroom set of chromebooks.


Teacher Testimonials:

Teacher: Shannon Robinson, Tasia Gates, Daniel Simmons, Jeff Anderson, Charlie Dotson, Colin Fuller, Cameron Rozell - Grade: PE/Health 9-12